A precious world’s brand “Ceylon Tea” ​

Tea History

In the course of 150 years, the term “Ceylon” had been astoundingly gained its prestige for producing world’s finest tea. It has been a golden history and its significance has been a pillar of Sri Lankan culture to the present day. This high and mighty journey sealed its initial step In 1824, by planting the very first tea plant in the Royal Botanical Garden in Peradeniya, Kandy. In 1867, the tea plantation rose commercially & the industry spread its wings to nearly 400,000 acres around 1899. In 1894, The Ceylon Tea Traders Association was established & most of the manufactured tea in Sri Lanka is vended through it & The Ceylon Chamber Of Commerce.

Enhancing further value to the industry, in 1896, The Colombo Brokers Association was launched & in 1925, The Tea Research Institute was established. In 1932 the Tea Propaganda Board was formed. In 1958, tea plantation expanded its lavishness over 500,000 acres Island wide. In 1966, the 1st international tea convention was held to commemorate the glory of mesmerized 100 years of tea in Sri Lanka.

In 1966, Sri Lanka’s tea production astonishingly exceeded over 250,000 metric tons & increased to 300,000 metric tons by year 2000. It was followed with the forming of The Tea Museum in Kandy & in 2002, The Tea Association was established.

Today the enchanting Pure Ceylon Tea is stamped with The Lion Logo to symbolise that 100% pure Ceylon tea produced in Sri Lanka. Pure Ceylon tea is produced in Sri Lanka had earned its eminent title as the 1st ranked tea in the world. Sri Lanka’s tea has continued its magnificence to have international success despite the growing competition. Ceylon Tea soon gained the thriving reputation of being the finest tea in the world. In 1965, Ceylon evolved to the world’s largest tea exporter.


When name of the country was changed to “Sri Lanka” in 1972, its premier industry had to endure a complicated problem. Ceylon was not only the former name of the country; it had already won the title as one of the worlds’ leading brands. Industry leaders managed to persuade the socialist government to grant permission to use the former name “Ceylon Tea” to resemble the country’s most famed product.

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